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I want to make a disclaimer and affiliate disclosure here.

This website is solely and purely based on my individual opinion, views and knowledge that I have learned. There are no earnings projections, promises or representations I make through this website.


I am giving my reviews on most of the products and services that I am using or used before. Some of them I haven’t used however, based on the reviews I recommend it. You may differ or disagree on this.


If I believe that any service or product gives value to me and the merchant selling this product or service offers an affiliate program, I have no issue referring those products and services via an affiliate link, which means I may receive a commission or some form of compensation if you buy the product I recommend at no extra cost to you. I would never falsely represent any product or services just to receive an affiliate commission. I don’t take any incentive (like free products, services, cash, etc) for mentioning them on my website.


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