Lets Understand what is SEO and why it is important today??

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Have you ever wonder how search engines work??

And for any company or website ranking on first page of any search engine is how important?

As we all know about the monster Search Engine which is “Google”, so have you ever wander that how Google works?

Have you ever heard about SEO??

Well it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

You should know that SEO is one of the most demanding, and competing skill of digital marketing.

Any successful Digital Marketer should have a great command over SEO techniques and strategy.

This is one of the highest paid skills in today’s market.

So now are you excited to learn about SEO??

So let’s discuss about SEO in brief so that you will have some idea about what SEO is.

But let me first make you clear that SEO is something which can only be learnt by practice not by just reading about it.

There are lot of people who just read and study about SEO, but very few are there in this world who have mastered this skill and are expert of this field.

So my honest advice to you that “if you want to learn swimming you have to jump into the water” similarly if you really want to SEO then you have to do it by your own.

You can never become an expert by just reading about SEO.

Because everybody have their own tricks and tactics but may be it will not work for you, so you have to do your own experiments and research.

So let me tell you that here we are going to learn about some basic concept of SEO.

This is generalized misconception that SEO means building Backlinks and doing On-Page SEO.

But i am going to make you clear that it’s not just like that only, or if it is like that only then what is the purpose of doing that and how can we do that.

Before jumping into technical stuff let me first tell you about what is backlink?

Backlink is nothing but the link of your website which is referred by someone else in his own blog or website is called backlink.

People think that giving backlink only can improve someone’s websites SEO ranking but is it completely true?

And if yes then upto what extent it’s true?

Lets understand this..

First of all we should know that Search Engine Optimization is the method of optimizing our website such that, that search engine can understand that we are the best in this market for the particular keyword.

So if someone becomes expert in optimizing his website or blog according to the requirement of the search engine algorithm.

Then in that search engine his website or blog will be started ranking on the 1st page or ranking on top of the search list of the search engine.

Then the sale of that company website will started increasing.

That is why this is the skill which is highly demand in today’s market, because everybody want to increase their sales.

So i think now you have got that how important SEO is to become a Digital Marketer expert.

So before becoming the SEO expert you should have a fair idea that how search engine decide that which website will rank on what basis of optimization.

So here is some basic concept which i am going to explain you about Search Engine Optimization.

For becoming SEO expert you need to think like Search Engine.

Then only you will be able to understand deeply why Search Engines staret ranking any website on the first page and you can do this and can become SEO expert.

So let’s get started…

Let say you have bought your domain and hosting for your brand or company and you have made an awesome website too.

But you have made an awesome website how people will know about this??

Obviously from any search engine like Google, but just think for once how Google itself will know about your website?

Here Google uses its own webmaster tool which Google Search console.

In this Google Search Console Google index all the website which are available in this world.

You also need to index your website in goggle Search console, because ultimately you have to tell Google about your website that what it is about and what content you have to show or what service you have to provide after only that whenever people will search about that particular Keyword (service, product, etc.) Google will show your website to them.

Now for that purpose you first need to index your website with Google Search console

But a question comes into mind that there is millions of website in the world which are of the same field and are looking for ranking on the Google for the same keyword then why Google will show your website on its first page.

For that purpose Google has 100+ algorithms on the basis of which Google decides that which website should be on the first page on the first rank.

So this is called relevancy of the keyword, means Google will try its best to show a user most relevant result for the keyword he is searching for.

Let say if you are searching for Digital Marketing agency in your city.

And let’s assume that there are 100 Digital marketing Agency in your City.

And if all the agencies have made their websites, and then they have to tell Google about their specific services, products or content, here ON-PAGE SEO comes into action.

You need to tell Google about it, now suddenly a question comes into the mind that how you can do this?

 In your website there is a section called  “Meta Title” (Meta is collection of data) you need to give the best title for that particular keyword for which you want to rank on Google as well as there is a “Meta Description” where you need to give some brief information about that keyword which you want to rank on Google.

Then it will be easy for Google to find your website and this is called ON-PAGE SEO, means you are optimizing your website on your own website’s page for ranking on Goggle.

 Once your website is indexed on Google Search Console then Google will show your website among all the 100 website of Digital Agency websites.

But How Google will decide that which Digital Agency’s website should be the first page or first rank and which should be in the last rank?

Or if someone search for the keyword that “which is the best Digital Marketing Agency in the city”?

Then how Google will decide that which is the best Agency in the city?

Because everybody will state about their websites through “Meta Title” and “Meta Description” that they are the best, but how Google will decide that in actual which is the best in the city?

Here OFF-PAGE SEO comes into action, so now let’s understand what OFF-PAGE SEO is.

In OFF-PAGE SEO Google will take data and information from your visitors and users, it will track their comments, their feedbacks their mentions on social media and other platforms.

Google will count mentions of the websites on other platforms

Which websites have the large number of positive feedbacks, comments, and mentions on other platforms Google will understand that this website has the large publicity in the city means  this must be the best Digital Marketing Agency in the city this is called OFF-PAGE SEO.

Now you have got that doing OFF-PAGE SEO is not directly in your hand, so i will suggest you to give best quality product or service to your customer or user so that people will give you automatically positive feedback for your brand so that you would have no worry about the OFF-Page SEO and about Google Ranking.

if you want to learn step by step how to become an SEO expert by thinking like a Search Engine then you can visit this amazing blog of Deepak Kanakraju from www.digitaldeepak.com

So guys i hope i have given you a fair idea about the SEO, but let me explain you in the brief once again..

First of all you need to create an awesome website.

Then you have to index your website on Google Search Console so that Google will get aware of your website.

Then you have to make sure about that for which keyword you want to rank?

Then you have to write as much as quality blogs for that particular keyword.

And also you have to optimize that blog by editing you websites and blogs “Meta Title” and “Meta Description”.

After this you are done with ON-Page SEO because you have already optimized you websites page and blog page according to that particular keyword.

Now you have to earn backlinks by giving quality service to your customers and writing quality blog post, so that people will start giving you backlinks

As i have already earlier explained that backlinks are nothing but mentions of your websites link on their own website or blog.

Google observes this that which websites has more number of backlinks

And last but not the least OFF-Page SEO comes under action in which people will give you feedback, comments, and mentions of your brand so that Google will understand that you are very famous so you are the best.

So guys anybody will ask me that what is SEO i would say to him In one line that SEO is combination of OFF-Page SEO and ON—Page SEO

In ON—Page SEO Google tries to find RELEVANCY  (Means your website is how relevant of that particular keyword for which someone is searching for)

if you are really want to becaome SEO expert then you need to learn about keyword research tools, i know one of the best blogger who is from www.digitalshital.com

In OFF-Page SEO Google tries to find QUALITY  (Means does your websites having quality product or service for that particular keyword which user is looking for)

Because its responsibility of the Search Engine to give their users the best results so that they will come back again on their search engine to search for other keyword.

hope this information is helpfull for you, so now go and get your website ranked 1st.

and if you are interested in learning basic fundamentals of Digital Marketing you can reffer this blog which has amazing content to learn from scratch

Cheers Guys..!!

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