This is the best Internship program you should check because it follows Earn while you learn rule…!!

This is the best Internship program you should check because it follows Earn while you learn rule…!!

Are you looking for any online earning course??

Have you just passed out and looking for a job??

Are you fed up of your job and want to switch to another one??

Are you confused about your career??

Then my friend you are at the right place..

Here i am going to give you the best solution.

I am going to tell you about the Digital Marketing.

Now you must be thinking that yeah i have heard about this and many people are doing this as well.

So what is so special if i am telling you about this.

But my friend if i would say that in this pandemic when almost everybody has fear of loosing their job or many of them have already lost their job.

There is a person who is giving you money for learning.

Yess.. my friend there is a person who is my idol as well.

There is a person whose name has became a big brand today

He is none other than Deepak Kanakraju Sir.

Now you must be saying that yeah i have heard his name as Digital Deepak.

So what is so special in his name he is also a Digital Marketer like others nothing new.

So now i would share my experience to you

I have complete Engineering in Industrial and Production and did in Manufacturing Technology..

Everything was going fine then one day i met an accident and my hand got fractured and i was bed ridden for 6 month.

I can’t tell you what my condition was because it was my right hand which was brocken.

Then i thought like everything is finished now i will not be able to do anything in future.

Then i started searching on google that how can I earn money online form home.

And one day i saw a TEDx Talk of Deepak sir..

I really got inspired and get connected to him because he is also from engineering (Civil Engineering) background and he has also left his job and he is earning more then his engineering job.

I really got motivated if he can do then i also can do and i found hope.

Then i started following him on YOUTUBE on his channel Digital Deepak

Then one day i found his very nice blog on SEO and i completely got inspired that i have heard about SEO but this man has explained this in a very easy manner with in depth knowledge.

Then one day i got a mail from Deepak that he wants to teach me Digital marketing for free.

I just need to register for his free Digital Marketing course.

Free Digital Marketing Course

I was so excited and i get registered for his free course

Then i started getting mail of Digital Marketing content from Deepak Sir which was full of technical stuff and deep knowledge even those mails were contained very good quality video as well.

I was wander that in this pandemic everybody is afraid of losing his job but Deepak sir is teaching his technical and marketing skills and strategy for free.

Then one day i got a mail from Deepak sir that he is launching his Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) batch 4.

I was very excited and shared with my friends and asked them to join the launching webinar for Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) then on the launching webinar i was not aware about this internship program like you.

I thought lets attend this webinar as it’s free.

Then in the webinar Deepak Sir said that his vision dream is to teach 10 lakh interns and make them successful in their career.

He said that someday he will achieve this goal, it was really so impressive lines for me.

And guess what when sir launched the program and asked to join i had no money in my bank account but after knowing his vision i was pretty clear that Deepak sir want to change the education system by doing this Internship program.

And believe me guys i just called my friend and ask him to pay for me i said i just want to join this internship program anyhow i cannot miss this opportunity.

And guys guess what i joined that Digital Deepak Internship Program and today i am part of Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 4.

Now you must be thinking that if i was impressed with Deepak sir and i had joined the Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) but why i am telling you about all this.

So guys my articles actual concept is going to start from the next line

That is I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should join Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

Because it’s an Internship Program not a Course

Yes guys i have bought many courses before joining this internship but believe me buying a course is like buying an annual membership of a Gym but not going a single day to the Gym for working out.

Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

Yes guys believe me it’s not just my story. You can ask to your friends also everybody buy courses but they do not even complete that course because of lack of motivation and procrastination.

But in this internship the best thing i have experienced is you will always be charged up to complete your assignment.

Do you remember your those school days when lots of students were doing the same assignment some would try to beat you in the assignment at the same time some would help you to complete your assignment.

In this internship you will have the same thing because for this internship Deepak sir had made tribe in which all the interns can chat with each other, ask their doubts to each other as well as they can help each other and can learn together.

So if you would ask me whether buying a course is better or joining an Internship so i would recommend you to join this Internship rather than buying a course.

Live Interaction Q and A session

Guys this is the best thing of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP). Lets understand why?

Free Digital Marketing Course

Deepak sir publishes his content every week which is really very deep in knowledge and in technical perspective.

Along with this 2 hr in depth technical and strategic knowledge lesson he used to give assignment of the week, which is to be completed within the deadline.

Believe me guys Deepak sir explain each and every marketing deep concept in a very easy manner that you will understand it easily.

But if you did not get that concept then also there is no problem Deepak sir’s Team Krishna and Kamna Jain Mam used to do Q and A session in which Kamna Jain Mam explain each and every thing step-by-step practical and by the way guys its live that is the beauty of this Internship.

Interactive one to one Live Sessions

Believe me guys this is the best part of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP).

As i earlier said that this is an Internship Program not course, live session is the main thing which makes an internship superior then a course. And Digital Deepak Internship is totally based on live session in which Deepak sir himself take live lesson then he used to do live webinar session for that particular Weeks Assignment Explanation. In explanation session he used to interact with almost every interns if they have any doubt and if they have any doubt he explains them in a simple and in easy manner.

Even after if someone is not getting the concept there is a Q and A session for every week assignment in which Kamna Jain Mam explains each and every concept practical and step-by-step.

Even after if anybody is not getting the concept then he or she can ask immediately live to Kamna Mam that how to do this and what is the purpose of that. She really explains each and every concept in an easy manner.

I would add a line for kamna Jain Mam that guys she was also an intern of Deepak sir but when you will taught by her in the Internship sessions you will not be able to judge that she was intern because her knowledge is really very deep and she has a good command over every tool which is used in Digital Marketing and her concept is very clear why to do this and where to do that.

Guys i am telling about Kamna Jain Mam because just think for once if Deepak sir’s intern is that much trained from his sessions that now she is herself taking sessions for interns.

You are doing it or not doing it but they will accept you

Guys believe me when i was attending the Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) launch webinar, that day Deepak Sir told us that they will approve each and every assignment.

Means they will approve 100 % of the assignment. I thought how is it possible to approve each and every 100% assignment..

But believe me guys as Deepak Sir has said, they have really approved each and every assignment. Even some of them were submitted wrong assignment, but yes Deepak sir did not approved those assignments which were wrong but He rejected those assignments and gave them one more chance to submit their assignment again.

But guess what there was a change this time that they have to submit their assignment without any deadline. Means one can submit that assignment as per his/her convenience after some time and there is no deadline for that particular assignment.

I just want to tell you guys that you need not to worry about the assignemnt submission if you would not be able to submit your assignement on time, so you are not going to lose your money, you will get another chance to submit your assignment. you just have to complete your assignment as per the requirements and definietly you will get paid for you assignment completion later.

Guys if somebaody has given little effort to accomplish the allotted assignment task within allotted time interval, Deepak sir make sure that their Assignments wont get rejected for small reason, its almost confirm that the assignment will be accepted at their end.

Actually they encourage us to pursue our work further even is that is not perfect. so that we dont get demotivated and keep our interest on continuous learning and proceeding our steps towards making ourselves a perfectionist.

But i would recommend you to submit your assignments on time guys, so that you will learn concepts efficiently, because his structure of Internship program is well defined. means every week assignment is interlinked with each other, doing earlier assignemnt is importent for the nex assignemnt.

if you will not complete and submit assignment on time then you would face problem is the next assignment, because every assignment is inter realted to each other.

In this way as Deepak sir said that he will approve 100% of the assignment. He is doing things as per his promise.

Believe me guys there is no Internship Program like this in which any mentor will promise you that you will do it right or wrong no matter what i will accept your assignment. But it does not mean we do it wrong we all interns are in the whatsapp group as well as in telegram group we used to discuss our assignment progress in the group. Like we all have done it in our childhood in our school classroom. We used to ask each other’s assignment progress and if somebody is facing issues we used to help each other in completing the assignment like friends and family.

Believe me guys since when i have became the part of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)  i am feeling more confident, motivated.

Earning while you are Learning

 Last but not the least even most important as well as different from other Internship Program is that Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) is the only program which i have seen is that kind of program in which you earn while you are learning. Means you will earn for completing your assignment.

Get Paid to Learn

Means guys can you imagine those assignments are not at all of use of Deepak sir. He is just giving us assignment for the sake of he want us to do things practically, and just for completing the assignment he is paying us full money.

Means which amount i have paid for registering myself to Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) he is giving us back our all money back for just completing that assignment which is given by Deepak Sir.

Guys think for once you have paid some amount for learning a skill which is highly demanding skill in today’s scenario and big university and institutions are charging lakhs of rupees for teaching that particular skill.

But Deepak Sir thought his Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) giving you that knowledge which is worth of lakhs of rupees for free.

But yes guys this is true that Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) is just free for you because you will get whatever money you will paid for registering yourself to this internship Program.

Guys you will not believe that there are lot of interns whom i know got job just because of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP).

Because they learn the practical knowledge by doing things practically, But people who are dependent on a course instead of Internship program are still facing issues in basic concepts. Because they are just learning thing but not applying it practically and Digital Marketing is somewhat practical thing.

Here i would love to mention Deepak sir’s quote that if you want to learn swimming then you have to jump into the water because you can’t learn swimming by just reading about it.

Similarly you can’t learn Digital Marketing by just reading about it, you just have to do things practically. Only after then you will get to know that what is working for you and what is not working.

And at the end i would like to share you my personal experience guys that i have really improved myself just because of Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

There are tons of lesson which i have learned even i am still learning from Deepak Sir

I was very shy guy and never thought about it that i will take live webinar for my audience.

Being from mechanical engineering background i had never thought that one day i would be able to create my own website.

I had never thought all these things guys but i did it i have created not only one website even two websites i have created by my own.

I have already started writing blogs on my website.

You would not believe this guys i was very curious about online earning even i had did lots of research about this in last 2 years even i was aware of digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

But guys believe me in last 2 years i could not do a single thing (writing blogs, creating website, affiliate marketing etc.), but for the sake of completion of assignment and getting money back as reward of the completion of the assignment i did it.

Because i had a mentor like Deepak sir who guided us throughout this journey.

He was the guy who motivated us and gave us confidence that if everybody can do this you also can do this.

We all had little knowledge about Digital Marketing but we do not had courage and confidence to do that.

But in Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) Deepak sir motivated us and guided us to come out of our comfort zone and perform.

And slowly things started getting done and we started improving.

This is the power of a real mentor who can change the thought process of the student.

Since 2 years i was just searching and reading about Digital Marketing but this Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) gave me the opportunity to implement the knowledge which i am learning and this is the beauty of this internship.

In any course you would not be able to implement all the learning’s, i could may be due to procrastination or due to poor explanation or may be due to any reason.

But in this internship you will have the Live Sessions in which you will be able to ask as much as question you want and you can clear those doubts right there.

So guys if you are really serious about Digital marketing.

If you want to switch your 9 to 5 job into a job of your comfort zone.

If you want start as an freelancer.

If you want earn more then you are earning right now.

Get Paid To Learn

And if you want to get paid for just completing an Assignment and want to earn to learn then guys this is the only Internship Program where you can have this as i am having this.

If you want to join Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) follow this link

Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)


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